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Monday, February 20, 2012

TERROR -- Together, we are making ERROR??

Terror incidents - which always grab everyone's high attention and make every citizen to feel for the victims.
Everyone of us desperately wants "someone" to take "some action" to stop these tragedies happening..
Of course, We have to stop this for sure.
Those responsibilities usually get assigned to "someone", so called high diplomats who exchange series of hot reports, evidences, agreements, etc etc with other countries. They always do the best that they can do.
But we all know, the terror acts never brought to an end and no one ever able to arrive at the solution.
They tried every possible options - More military? - More fund?? - More surveillance???
NO.. hardly helps. So it is time to think about an amicable solution..

The real question we are dealing here is - Is the terror caused by the error that we make together?

Before pitching into main topic, will present a set of questions that I came across recently.. which subsequently triggered a spark in mind after a while.
- Are you a racist? My answer was no
- Do you support Caste? My answer was no
- Are you a religionist? My answer was no
- Are you Patriotic? My answer was YES, of course!

(Thanks to DV for throwing these questions at me..)
At the first time, I thought that these questions were crazy and particularly my mind did not accept to combine the patriotic question with other three questions.
becoz, Being-Patriotic is not that bad to compare with other three - Isn't it?


Lets have a few mins of flashback -
Hope we all remember the internal problems that we faced for years and years in the history.. and even now in some cases. To point out those internal problems clearly - Race, Caste and Religion..

Today, Racism exists only in the school lessons and most of the current generation never experienced it in the recent past. All the credits goes to the rightly called 'leaders' who did a real good job to vanish it completely from our society. This is real good news becoz we had one less problem in bringing people together. This is kind of great achievement for a developing country..

Next, we will talk about Caste systems. It is the right time where we understood the importance of removing it from our society. We do not need to argue about its pros and cons. In fact, we have learnt enough about it's negative impacts on the people unity from various happenings.
Those were painful days when we had stuck in the home/school for the entire day because of sudden clashes between two different groups. Perhaps, most of the times, the exaggeration of individual's disputes had been the root of these clashes.
btw, the situation is much improving day-by-day and we have almost attained an important milestone by erasing the caste from individuals' Name. Hopes are high to completely vanish it from our society in coming years.

Religion is another big question while talking about internal problems. We are yet to travel a bunch of generations to get comfort level in this area. At present situation, everyone of us has drawn a boundary around us and we don't ever allow anyone else to breach the boundary.
btw, we are not going to argue whether religion is good or bad.
[In fact, I myself had insisted to follow the religion for various good reasons - in my first post.]
But one thing which we need to agree within ourselves is - Not to disturb others' belief..
I guess, most of us already learnt it and we just need to pass it to next generation..

Why are we talking about all these? It's becoz we all know that society is highly sensitive for these three things and when this sensitivity is misused by criminals, it creates a huge problem.
In fact, these criminal acts too should be considered as terror incidents. Lets link these factors with Terrorism in broader perspective..!

Lets take a deep breath and we will continue here to derive the solution for the subject.

We realized the benefits when we break the disparity in races, castes and religions. So it's clear that we can reap benefits when we start removing the differences among us.
Why can't we try removing the differences among people across the border?

In today's situation,
If we two individuals are fighting in the street, we are not trying to make it a caste dispute or religion clashes.
Perhaps, we are trying to avoid those disputes and not encouraging them to proceed..
But when it comes to dispute between countries, we don't try to avoid the problems, instead we start loading the bullets.. and by default the military budget gets doubled..
We are not arguing whether this approach is right or wrong. But this is what our mindset is..

With a positive thinking approach, Lets think about how we managed to solve the caste/religion problems.
In history, we had seen people choosing the violence for resolving the local disputes. Did that ever helped?
The violence never helped and can never help to bring the dispute to an end, instead it actually fuels the dispute and makes it a never ending one.

We should start applying lessons that we learnt in our lifetime & from the history, for solving the problems across borders. Military action is never going to help to find the ultimate solution, Perhaps it is going to increase the discomfort and we might end up having more terror attacks.
So, if military is not the answer, what else could be the solution?

well.. Love and Friendship!
Wait.. we are NOT going to discuss about the world peace and spreading the peace everywhere..
Let us quickly go through few practical scenarios to compare..

When different set of people get a chance to live together in a same place, they started understanding each others' custom and their habits. We learn to adjust with others and we learnt to respect others.
So, hats off to urbanization!
[Though I don't support the urbanization for various reasons, I strongly support it for providing opportunity to get to know each other.. The more we get introduced to others, the more we understand people and their customs.]

Another very interesting factor is Love marriages!!
Love marriages are contributing differently on this topic. Both ways - towards and against!
Few years back, when a love marriage involved two different parties, it always resulted in problems between families, backed by castes/religion groups. Love marriages were seen as troublesome event and no one liked to think otherwise.
But we, the current generation, slightly changed the show and people now started accepting the love marriages. At the least to expect, love marriages are not always creating problems among parties and it is no more seen as a troublesome event.
Though we are not 100% ready to accept the mixture of cultures, it is a good start and we can expect the next generation to drive it towards the must-needed 100% acceptance.

Friendship among folks & families from different parties is also contributing to ease the disputes among them. The schools and colleges are completely erasing the differences among the new generation.
This is contributing more and more to reduce the gaps among caste/religions and to bring people together by breaking the barriers.

Back to Patriotism -
Why do we always treat 'patriotism' only for fighting with other nations? Why don't we ever try to build friendship among families across countries? Why we are not ready to encourage love marriages across LoC?
Becoz we feel bad about it.. Our mind/heart are not accepting it.. is that correct?

Exactly..! this is how our ancestors went against love marriages across castes and religions. Their mind/heart never accepted the love marriages..
If we believe that they did a mistake, then we should also realize that we are also doing the same mistake by not accepting love across countries.

If we realize that urbanization helped us to remove differences within us, why not globalization can help us to remove differences among human beings around this world?

We should create an environment where students from multiple countries get into a common place and come out without differences. We should create a friendly environment by bringing different families together and by encouraging the share of love and friendship across the countries. And so on..
And the ultimate aim is to bring everyone together and let them understand and respect each other.
If this is achieved with the help of upcoming generations, then we might not require to upgrade our weapons day by day!

No differences! - No violence!! - No Terror!!!

Of course, it is not a conclusion but an opinion!

Enjoy the life,

By the way, coming to an important point -
Hope we all well understood the need for cross-country love & friendship.. Now the most important thing is - Becoming one of the role-models to the next generation.
I swear, I want to be one of those examples!!
I'm right now at United States and I'm looking for a cross-country Love.. Preferably from India! :)

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