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Sunday, March 14, 2010

Living the Life

"If you never failed, you never lived!" - quote


We failed when we were 1feet and were trying to put ourself uncomfortable to move a little distance
We failed when we were 2feet and were trying to go for a walk though We never had a prior experience of it
We failed when we were 3feet and were trying to handle the much complicated two wheels vehicle, all with our little hands & legs
We failed when we were 4feet and were trying to find time to extract everything out of the whole set of books

Are those failures spoiled our life?? No, isn't it? Actually all these failures allowed us to realize that we live our life to the fullest..
Now the actual question is - Are we willing to fail now?

To say frankly, once we have grown enough, we start afraid of the failure.. Nobody wants to fail in any moment of their life, that means - Nobody wants to live their life.
We may have stopped growing in height but we have more and more to try in our life.

"TRY" - its a simple word to spell but tough one to put that in execution!
Try may not always end up in success; most likely it may end up in failure but it atleast gives a chance to realize that we are living..

Instead of repeating the regular routine work again and again, Are we really trying to do something different in our day to day life??

Sometimes we may get a cross question in our mind - what is the need of "different" when already things are going well?
Its a valid question and the answer is as simple as that why do we try different menu for everyday lunch when the curdrice is a very good choice.

Ok, well. when talking about "doing different", the direction of thoughts may divert in various directions depends on the mood of the person..
Just to limit that to a single channel, consider that we are talking about "doing different" in simple activities.
Because, when we think about something different, we may end up with thinking about the AIM of our life.
That is good but finding the AIM requires lot of self realizing and not an over night decision.

Back to the main focus, when start thinking about the "doing different", Its always good to start fresh, like a child.

"Distance is nothing; it's only the first step that is difficult." - quote

We never imagined that we can walk around the whole world when we tried for our first step.
We never worried about how many times we fell down before a successful short walk

Those beginning days are happy days and everyone likes to live the days again!
Its not possible to go back to those days until unless if we are able to rotate the earth the other way around..!
but it is possible to live that 'kind of' life again by a fresh start, like those beginning days!

When thinking about the "try", usually the plan starts either by targeting something big or by setting up a comfortable path before walking thru it.
Neither of these approaches work out most of the times..

"Try" is always associated with a risk and so if we want to "try" something then there shouldn't be any trace of worry about the risk associated with it.
ONLY IF we take the leg off from the ground, we will able to make the first successful step..! That first step will give the confidence which will be good enough to win the world..!

We are not here to accept our life as it comes; we are here to re-define it in an unique way!
So, TRY something "DIFFERENT" that nobody has ever done! Never worry about failure instead live all those moments!

After-all, Life is not just a word to spell.. but to live it!

Enjoy the "different" life,

[ps: some content/context - Inspired by the line from old movie song - "Undu undu endru nambi kaalai edu.."]

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