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Saturday, November 21, 2009

The God - An Healthy Perspective

God is very familiar to all of us. He is with us from our childhood days.. - rt?
Have you ever tried to remember when he got introduced to you? May be in childhood days or schooldays atleast. Isn't it?

Usually when we get introduced to one of our friend, we used to ask common questions like 'where are you from?' 'How is your life going?' 'what do you plan for weekend'.. etc.
Have you remember asking any of these question to your God?
If one ask these questions to the God, then he'll be named as controversial person.
But its true when someone wants to create the controversy they really start with these questions. This situation need not to be vice-versa,
We are all believing on a person/power completely and we rely on him for each and every action that we take, but we don't try to know about him.
We always ask him whatever we need, but we don't try to ask about him.

Its a very good opportunity for you now - Ask these questions to yourself and try to find the answer.
Don't try to find the answer from any reference books but instead get it from inside you.

Finding hard? Huh, for me too..
Here below I'm just trying to mingle the known scientific facts and very few imaginary truths together.
Well, I remember the school lessons where we studied that the human being started with Fire as their first scientific innovation. During that period, we have also studied that people were afraid of WildFire, Flood, Hurricanes, basically all the natural disasters.
Thats all because the common man could not control the natural happenings and they started believing that these natural disasters are superior than human being.
We all know what is the result - People started worshiping the Fire, Water, Soil, Wind or whatever..
For every set of people they had their own 'uncontrollable' things. I mean, For one set of people, WildFire is the threat which made Fire as their God. For one set of people, Flood is the threat which made Water as their God.
This is the starting.. I, world believe.

Then its all happened when kingdoms are formed under the control of a King who is the threat for their people. You may see in other way that King is the one who gives all that people need and so people accepted him as King. I totally agree, but we need to notice one thing in the history.. A person became as a King by winning the set of people in the war; definitely not by fulfiling the needs of people.
Now every set of people got their own King as God and they have to worship him to save their lives.
And it goes-on well day by day, just forget those days becoz you finally will understand the above was applicable to all the revolutions till date.
Now comeback to today and you have your own God with you to worship.. If you simply apply the above rules, the meaning will be - your God is your threat and you worship him to save your lives. I dont really mean that anyway..!
After the kingdoms period, the leader (or King) changed the approach in looking at People (that leads to change in approach of God too..!)
The set of people started getting help from the King (or leader) to make their life stable and comfortable.
Now King wanted to write some rules which he wanted people to follow them strictly.
He writes set of rules and applies. but the next one trashes them and prepares a new set. The very next one do the same.
Oops, this shouldn't happen. So the brilliant one decided not to write the rules in the paper and put them on onething which is reliable for ever - the God.
Dont understand? Ok. As a simple example, If I just say, give your one part of the food grains to me, you will not definitely agree and reply - a big 'NO'.
But If I say, give your one part of the food grains to the God, you say - 'with pleasure'.
This is the starting.. I, world believe.

Now again the approach changes - the King forms a research committee to find the must things for the better life (eg, medicines for the deceases) and as a result of the research he comes to know about many important things like the power of some medicines, healthy food items, need of exercises, meditation and much more.
Now the real good leader/king wants to educate their people with all his findings of the committee of research holders.
Do you think, he can easily include everything in the school syllabus and release as new books?? :)
Not possible - rt? Thats why he found the best way again - God. Just form the regulations one needs to follow in the name of God and it automatically reaches people easily and perfectly.
So, whenever you see people in neat dress with high discipline in the temples - Don't thank God, Thank your 'un-known' king.

Oops, I just realized why I started this for..
So your question now may be - Is God just formed to educate people about some good things?
I don't really mean that..!
So far we just discussed that how people used/misused the name of the God..
Now the real world scenario..
Most of us live with un-answered questions about our God.
Some of us say, I have all the answers and even I have very good stories to tell about.
Some of us say, I know there is nothing called 'God'
Few of us say, I know that only my God exists in the world and all others are just blabbering.

Oops, So many opinions on a single word 'God' ??!! Ok, just one question..
When you escape from a small accident in the road, just listen what words are coming out of your mouth..!
'Ohh.. just miss', 'Ohh.. No, great escape', or whatever.
Its true that when the things are going out of your control, you need some one's help. That someone you want to be a super power to help you out. And you believe that that super power is your God.
When you are in very danger and if a small boy comes out to help you there, will you say 'No, you just go.. I'm waiting for my God, the super power to help'?
Now, your argument would be, my super power only has sent the small boy to help me out.
Hmm.. whatever, You believe that someone is there to help you when the things are out of control..

Atleast all the people with different opinions have the strong belief on their point about God
You believe that God exists.
You believe that God does not exist.
You believes that God is with you.
You believes that God is the super power.
You believes that God will help them in hard times.
You believes that ...
Yes, all of you correct.. God lives in everyone's belief.

Where is he?
My friend said that Take a left from here and second right - street corner, there God is. Yes, he is correct.
My another friend believes that God is there near the seashore in another city. Yes he is correct.
My another friend believes that God is everywhere and in the heart of children. Yes, he is correct
My another friend believes that Love is God. Yes, he is also correct
And I believe, God is everywhere and even inside me too.

Where ever the belief is, God exists.

All my points are -
* you don't search for God, he is super power and he knows how to help you when you are helpless.
* Follow your God since your well-wisher king has published every good findings in the name of God.
* Tell God that - you have got everything that you need to achieve from him and Tell him that just forget about you and help others.
* Don't list your needs in your prayers, instead just grow your belief on him
* And finally, plz don't argue that 'your God' is the super power than others. There is no God fighting in the street to prove their power, only the man who created the God is fighting in the street.

Believe in you and Enjoy the life,

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